Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to measure my size?

Normally people have problems in measuring their size when thinking of getting dresses. This turns into more troublesome activity when you are about to get your wedding dress. And if you haven’t hired or consulted a professional then your sweet wedding day dreams become a serious nightmare. 

Telling the shopkeeper the size of dress you want is simple but will the size that you will mention to the shopkeeper will the one that he will have or at least know? Having the same size is out of question here but “knowing what size you may be talking about” is very much important.  

One manufacturer's size 8 may be the 12 or 13 of the other. The sizes of manufacturers in UK may seem the same as that of US but that is far from the reality. The US sizing has been much change over the period making it difficult for people to find contemporary vintage clothing if there are only familiar with the UK or other countries sizing standards. But if you are well aware of your own size I mean if you have accurate measurements then you have find out which size, either US, UK or any other fits you perfectly. 

To carry out the experiment “measuring my size” your need the following apparatus: A measuring tape and full length size mirror. You have to be sure that there is no one in the room for you may have to undress to get the perfect measurements, but you can also so by wearing lightweight clothes. Stretch the tape tight as to take straight measurements. Well, taking the help of a friend would be better because you alone may not be able to stand in the perfect posture to take the measurements. 


1. Bust
Bust is not your bra size. It is the measurement of the breasts, under the armpits and over the fullest part of the bust.

2. Hip
This is the part where you have the maximum bulge, usually about 7-9 inches below the waist line. 

3. Waist
This may be taken as the girdle bones. You can find it for out for yourself but the best for pants and trousers is the girdle only.

4. Bra Size
Measure the size of you rib cage just below the breasts. If the number is 33, 32 or less, add 5 inches more in that and this becomes your bra size. And if in case you have over 33 inches just add 3 inches to the number and that becomes your bra size. The rule is to add odd numbers to round it up to even. 


  1. This is very useful and helpful post!:) thanks a lot for sharing, now I know how to do it right. Lols..Thanks!:)

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