Monday, 29 August 2011

Americans: kindle your reading by shopping Amazon Kindle!

Amazon Kindle3 is the only tools that can really kindle the fire of reading you have in you. It has been the most hyped eBook reader of the year.
Well one needs to be sure whether it fulfills all expectations. However, people do have issues with the current prices of the device but there are Amazon coupon codes available for readers to get kindled with Amazon Kindle in cheaper rates. The Amazon Kindle was never hoped to be such a success in the iPad and Internet tablet impregnated world. But with the new Kindle 3, Amazon has absolutely shown there's plenty of life in the dedicated eBook reader yet. It's the first Kindle to be properly supported in the UK from its release date, including having a dedicated UK store (the Kindle 2 was eventually available here using the US store to make purchases). 
This new Amazon Kindle has a bigger battery with 14% more capacity (enough to last a month with W-Fi turned off), an extra 1GB of memory (4GB in total) and is noticeably smaller and lighter than its predecessors. It's available is a Wi-Fi only edition, or one with added 3G support. The latter version comes in a choice of colours – white or dark grey – with the Wi-Fi version is one in grey.
In practice, the improvements in the Kindle specifications don't make a lot of odds. With longer the battery life it has taken more attention than other eBook readers. Storage capacity was already thousands of books, and is now a claimed 3,500 - and with the 3G and Wi-Fi network connectivity enabling you to download from the web at will, capacity is effectively infinite. But there is one change which does make a big difference – the new display.
Amazon claims a 50 per cent increase in contrast ratio, and it's certainly a big improvement - certainly one of the best eReader screens we've seen. Unlike the iPad and TouchScreen Tablets its deep black text and sharp display makes it easier for the reader to read the text.
The background is not pure white, more of an Etch-A-Sketch grey, and if you look carefully you can see ghost text from the previous screen. This is a side effect of the ultra-low-power E Ink Pearl electronic paper display which wipes and redisplays once, rather than continuously refreshing like a conventional LCD panel.
In practice the effect is no more noticeable than the show-through you get form a real book. The 800x600 display might be expected to exhibit jaggies, especially as there is no anti-aliasing, but the chosen fonts work well.
There is a definite pause when you transition pages, and the screen flicks black – no wow-factor animated page turns here - with a screen refresh time of around a quarter second per frame. It jars a bit at first but you rapidly don't notice it.

All this and much more in prices that you can afford. Get Amazon Kindle coupons codes and get started with your reading expedition. 

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