Wednesday, 15 February 2012

5 tips to get rid of chlorine in your hair after swimming!

Whether you are a swimmer or just like being in the pool for some time, the chlorine in the pool water damages the hair that you can get rid of even after several washes. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the water that strips away the healthy and protective oils coating from the hair. So in order keep the healthiness of your hair you need to consider some ways like:

Tip 1
Sock your hair in clean water without chlorine before getting to the pool. The clean water protects the chlorinated water getting closer to the hair.

Tip 2
After swimming apply hair conditioner to your hair to keep them moisturized and protected. This helps to keep hair from dryness, being brittle and breaking up.

Tip 3
Wear a swimmer’s cap. That may spoil your look at the time when are in the pool but will save it when you are out and in a party.

Tip 4
Rinse your hair thoroughly after coming out of the pool to get rid of the floating chorine on the hair. You can use Club soda or shampoo your hair immediately before they dry after coming out of the pool. Shampoos with “sodium thiosulfate” are the best because these shampoos remove both the color and the odor of the chlorine. Using shampoos with aloe vera or glycerin moisturize your hair and prevent them from drying.

Tip 5
Regular swimmers should try “Aphogee”. Treatment surely helps getting dry and damaged hair into their healthy form again. Aphogee is fused the hair with heat and hardens the hair so that it is far less vulnerable to the damaging effects of chlorine. This and other hair products are normally expensive but they can be bought in discounted rates if you use beauty care products coupon codes. 


  1. This was very helpful! I usually have this dry and rough hair after swimming in the pool..all I do is a quick rinse and apply conditioner.and rinse again and my hair is back with moisture! with a great scent!

  2. The best thing for eliminating chlorine is a concentrated vitamin C rinse, like SwimSpray. You may notice that other shampoos leave you smelling like chlorine --- that indicates that you are still covered in chlorine. If you use SwimSpray, you will know that the chlorine is gone because you will NOT smell like chlorine.